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Hajj Story by Menhaz

The journey of a lifetime

I performed my first hajj at the age of 19 in 2006. Even though I had been previously to perform Umrah, Hajj was a unique and indescribable experience, it truly was something that touched my heart.

The first sighting of the Ka’ba and the first touch, was a breathtaking moment; the beauty of it is incredible, and it is a memory that stays with you forever. I particularly enjoyed meeting people of all different ages, race and colour it was wonderful seeing so many brothers and sisters united; all here for the same purpose.

The second time I performed Hajj in at the age of 20 in 2007 was an equally overwhelming experience. I enjoyed every single second of every single day that I was there, and I pray that all my Muslim brothers and sisters get a opportunity to perform Hajj, as there aren’t enough words that can describe this extraordinary journey of a lifetime, you need to experience it to understand the magnificence of Hajj.


My Hajj Story – by Mujib

I never felt that this time would come. At the age of 18 it is quite young to do Hajj and at the begining of 2006 I never thought or imagined that I would perform Hajj this year.

I met so many people of different professions, race, colour all united with the white ihram and the pure intentions with conviction in our hearts, heading towards one destination, Labbaykallahumma Labbayk we all recited forgeting our differences standing side by side we are united in front of Allah.

Pictures and photographs are displayed around London, houses, Mosques etc. But the real picture is the one I saw through my eyes. The Ka’ba The House of Allah Almighty. The house that unites all hearts.

Since coming back home I have seen Makkah and Madinah in my dream. It is calling me back and I really miss it. I want to see it again, touch the ka’ba as I did, pelt the jamarat and cover my ears away from the evil whispers of the nasty shaytaan.

My dear respected brothers and sisters my words are nothing compared to what your eyes will see and explain for your self.

Open Your Eyes!


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