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Ramadaan in the Haramain


A sister from the UK went for Umrah with her family during Ramadhan


If you arrive in Madinah by plane from Jeddah, try to get a seat on the right hand side of the plane. Because, as you land, you can see Masjidul Nabawi. You can just about see it during the day, but if you arrive at night, you can see the minarets in the distance clearly as they are all illuminated. And you can also see the masjid as you drive towards the centre of Madinah from the airport. Visiting Madinah has quite a different feeling from visiting Allah’s house. I think its because Madinah is to do with a human being. And not just any old human being but the greatest one that ever walked the face of this earth, who made so many sacrifices and went through so many hardships so that the deen of Allah could prevail and remain for us. And yet what were we doing? I felt so small and insignificant.

On arrival in Madinah, we had missed all the salaahs. And we got the wrong hotel. Mum and dad had booked one close to the entrances that go to the prophets grave, so they wouldn’t have to walk too far, but this one was right at the opposite end. These things do happen when you go and are often tests of your patience. But when we drew back the curtains the next day, we forgot about all that. This was the view from the window. – Read more!>



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